Ashtrays to Toilet Paper – Hotel Room Amenities That Matter

The details make a difference in many aspects of our lives whether it’s the way a piece of clothing is stitched, how a place setting is laid out or what amenities are included in the hotel room we reserve. When you own a store, restaurant or a hotel, you’re charged with balancing what you can afford with what will impress your guests. When people are looking at hotel rooms, whether for business or leisure, they look at reviews from other guests because they know that hotels tend to embellish their details. From aloe-enriched body wash to fluffy pillows, the hotel supplies in your guest rooms are as important as the treatment guests receive at the reception desk, if not more so.

When you’re the person charged with buying the supplies, be they toiletries, linens, ashtrays or cleaning supplies, you are all too familiar with the budget versus quality equation. You shop online in the name of efficiency although it saves you money, too. However, it’s hard to know that you got the best price without some serious time spent comparison shopping and, if you’re like most people, you don’t have the luxury of comparison shopping. When you’re searching for a website from which to buy supplies, look for a lowest price guarantee as this indicates that the site you’re on has done the work of price-shopping high quality hotel supplies.

Hotel guests use the rooms they book for a variety of reasons from sleeping and working to planning sightseeing adventures and changing clothes. No matter much time a person spends in their hotel room, from the towels to the curtains, the products and amenities in them matter. Therefore, it’s important to invest in quality toiletries, towels and accessories whenever possible. If you know where to shop, you can get quality hotel supplies, including ashtrays, ice buckets and hangers, at rock bottom prices. Today, consumers pay attention to the details, in some cases down to how the softness of the towels and the scent of the shampoo. You’d be surprised to know that little things can make or break a vacation or hotel stay. 성남룸싸롱

While they’re guests in a hotel, people typically use the toiletries and amenities in their room. Some guests look for a hotel that has specific amenities, including brand name sheets and toiletries, which is why hotels frequently promoting high thread count sheets and the like. Your guests will appreciate quality toiletries, linens and supplies. When you buy hotel supplies, you’re typically buying in bulk which means you get a price break. While they may not garner as much attention as the toiletries in the room, large, colorful, absorbent pool towels leave a good impression as do sturdy luggage racks and rolls of soft toilet paper.

When you’re the supply buyer for a hotel, getting quality supplies at bargain prices is not only a great idea, it’s a necessity for the business as well as for guest services. Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation because it allows you to keep your budget in line and please your guests at the same time. Today, people are pickier than ever about where they stay when on vacation or business and, after price and location, they pay attention to amenities. When a guest rates their stay at a hotel, customer service, the overall condition of the room and the amenities are the top three things they leave comments about, for better or worse. While having the best of the best isn’t necessary and, in many cases, doesn’t fit with the statement your hotel is making, paying attention to what you’re buying and how your guests react to it is, so why not buy the best your budget can afford?


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