A Review of the Realme C25S


The Realme C25S is available in many colors with lens choices and lens options of different sizes to fit most cameras. This compact size camera is packed with features and functions for you to use and take advantage of. It comes with a convenient self-cleaning black and white cover. The Realme C25S in the black cover has a triple lens setup including a 13-inch Primary camera with a 1.5-inch sub-compact camera lens; and a 2.5-inch camera lens. The sub-compact lens offers great compact portability and the ability to fit in a pocket or purse. The rear cover of this camera also provides an easy-to-read dial and menu options. realme c25s

The realme c25s with the dual camera setup on the back has a full-fledged automatic digital camera setup with a dual tone auto focus that uses live touch-ups. The realme c25s has a new memory card slot and removable card reader. In addition to the camera the Realme C25S also has a standard JVC KW-NT codec included and includes a memory card reader for transferring data between cameras and Mobile phones. The Realme C25S also offers the ability to connect to digital video recorders and HDTVs for capturing video footage.

The realme c25s camera has a number of unique features that make it stand out among other cameras on the market today. The camera offers two cameras and a pan/tilt/zoom feature. There is also a voice record feature and optional infrared illuminator. The Realme C25S has a built in daylight mode and an elevated brightness level which can be increased through the brightness control dial. There is also a self-timer and dedicated video flash.

The Realme C25S has a standard size rear LCD panel which offers bright and clear images even in bright outdoor lighting. The screen size is also just right, being only a little bigger than that of the iPhone 4 and no smaller than that of an iPad. The touch screen has a higher resolution of 4015 pixels. The text on the screen is easy to navigate and there is a complete makeover of the menus including a new menu system and separate menu buttons. The touch-screen can also be customized with any type of text or image.

The realme c25s comes with an intuitive interface which makes it simple to use for even a first time user. The large, easy to read LCD panel offers bright pictures even in low light conditions. The battery life in this smartphone is also long so that users do not have to constantly worry about their phone. With a long talk time on one charge, users should expect to get up to six hours of mobile entertainment and web browsing, using almost all of their cellular data simultaneously.

The Realme C25S has the same body design as the realme g 85 which is a popular cell phone. The curves on the sides and back are more subtle, giving the phone an elegant look. The phone runs on Realme GBC’s powerful dual core A5 chip along with a spacious 2GB RAM which gives users the best performance. It also features a high-speed connectivity which uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet and offers smooth surfing and instant messaging. The Realme C25S is a remarkable device which combines excellent looks with cutting-edge technology.

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